As a school we will….

 As a pupil I will always do my best to …….

 As parents and carers we will always do our best to ……

 Being ready for school

 Insist that school uniform is worn. 
Wear appropriate clothes ourselves.
Make sure all children know when they need their PE kit.
 Wear the school uniform.
Bring the right PE kit to school on the days I need it – including swimming kit!
 Send my child to school wearing the school uniform. 
Make sure my child has the correct kit.

 Attendance and Punctuality

Encourage and reward good attendance and punctuality.
Follow up any regular or unexpected absences. 
 Come to school every day and arrive at 8.50am ready for the school day. Makes sure my child attends school and is at school for 8.50am.

Class and homework 

 Plan carefully and each all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum to meet each child’s needs.
Set appropriate tasks and mark work regularly.
Communicate with parents/carers about homework.
 Listen carefully and take part in lessons.
Work hard to do my best.
Know what I need to do to improve and work hard to do so.
Remember to finish all homework to the best of my ability and hand it in on time.
Take an active interest in my child’s work at school.
Encourage my child to their best at school.
Communicate with teachers about any problems or successes with work at school or at home.
Make sure homework is completed and handed in on time. 


 Insist on high standards of behaviours for learning and conduct at all times both in and out of the classroom.
Inform parents immediately of any behaviour concerns.
Have excellent behaviours for learning in the classroom.
Show good conduct in and around school and on the way home.
Follow the class contract, behaviour policy and anti-bullying policy
Remember to be Rights Respecting! 
Encourage my child to follow the class contract, behaviour and anti-bullying policies.
Support the school’s expectations of children’s an adult’s behaviour. 

 Pastoral Support

Listen and respond quickly to any concerns or problems.
Give emotional and pastoral support when necessary.
Report any safeguarding concerns to the DSL. 
Let my teacher know if I have any worries.  Let the school know quickly of any concerns or problems that may affect my child’s learning.


 Hold parents’ evenings regularly.
Report annually on attainment.
Inform parents of any concerns or problems at school.
 Take letters and notices home to parents and carers. Ensure school has all updated contact information.
Attend parents’ evenings.
Read school letters, emails, texts, Parentmail and view the website.
Reply when requested.

 Extra-Curricular activities and events at school

Arrange and organise a range of extra-curricular activities for children at lunchtimes and after school.
Organise regular events to which parents are invited. 
Find out about clubs I can go to and make sure I get permission.
Once joined, attend clubs or activities regularly, letting organisers know if I can’t go.

Encourage my child to attend clubs.
Support school teams and clubs.
Support events for parents.

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